Thursday, 23 April 2015

[Straits Times] Foreigners deserve respect

AS A foreigner in Singapore, it pains me to read and hear offensive remarks about foreigners here.
I try to think that perhaps, the vitriol has resulted from some Singaporeans' unpleasant experiences with foreigners in the past, or what they have read or heard from others.
However, whatever the reason, it cannot justify vilifying foreigners in an offensive manner.
With freedom of speech comes responsibility. One has to be mindful of the comments one makes on any medium.
Information lacking in authenticity and validity can easily mislead the public, and result in conflict within society.
Foreigners do make a contribution in Singapore, and are a vulnerable group, as they do not enjoy many of the privileges and rights accorded to citizens.
However, they put in as much effort as citizens, and deserve respect from the public, in order to be able to better integrate into society.
Ding Yuanyuan (Ms)