Monday, 13 April 2015

[Straits Times] Learn to share road safely as we await infrastructure

MS LEENA Goh Hong Ling's suggestion to limit cycling to park connectors may be appropriate for leisure riders but it is certainly not practical for the growing number of people using bicycle as a mode of transport ("Cyclists on roads a danger to all"; April 5).

The best solution is to introduce protected bicycle lanes along our roads. The Government is moving towards a bicycle-friendly future. However, it will be years before comprehensive infrastructure is ready.

In the meantime, motorists can refer to the Highway Code on how to share the roads with cyclists safely.

The book notes that it is the responsibility of drivers to pay attention to cyclists and to provide for their safety.

It also advises motorists to expect sudden moves from cyclists if hazards such as a patch of oil, a pothole and other hazards force a cyclist to swerve into a motorist's path.

Motorists are also advised to give cyclists ample space, to be extra alert, and to be prepared to slow down or stop.

Francis Chu