Saturday, 11 April 2015

[Straits Times] Use of culling depends on situation

MANY readers have aired their views on the use of culling to control the population of wild animals here ("Simplistic to credit culling with fall in complaints" by Miss Amanda Tan Wei Yi, "Sterilise monkeys, provide food sources deep within forest" by Mr Darren Chan Keng Leong, "Lucky to live amid rich biodiversity" by Mr Ng Tien Chung and "Efficacy of culling not clear" by Mr Louis Ng; Forum Online, all published yesterday).

Two factors determine the method used to control wildlife: how big the problem is, and how fast we need to bring down the population within a short timeframe.

If the population of the animals can be controlled and managed quickly within a short timeframe, then culling is not needed.

This would also mean that if culling is carried out, after that, other means should be used to control the growth of the animal population so that further culling is not needed.

Steven Lee Thien Poh