Wednesday, 22 April 2015

[Today] SMRT committed to improving train services

We refer to the letter “SMRT should focus on improving train services” (April 18).
SMRT remains fully committed to running a world-class public transport system for Singaporeans. Currently, SMRT is carrying out a complete asset and infrastructure upgrade and renewal programme.
The multi-year project includes sleeper replacement, third rail change-out and resignalling to renew ageing track infrastructure. We are also working to upgrade our trains and induct new ones.
To tackle the issues we face today, SMRT has invested in technology that will help to detect problems early, from diagnostic solutions such as adding video cameras below selected trains to allow the engineering team to review the track condition, to using highly sensitive sensors to detect even the slightest anomaly.
Plans are also under way for a maintenance operations centre to better support and coordinate the response by maintenance teams to rail incidents.
SMRT also recognises that the people behind the technology are crucial in implementing and sustaining the pace of the rail transformation effort.
Since 2011, we have increased our engineer and technician workforce by 64 per cent and 21 per cent, respectively, and are working with various education partners to ensure the sustainability of this workforce in the years to come.
All of these require resources and steady investment and SMRT will continue to focus on its core mission and the transport business.
Different resources will be used to support SMRT’s partnership with OMGTEL.
This partnership complements SMRT’s extensive media and commuter reach, while simultaneously serving to enhance the travel experience of commuters. It is an extension of the transport business.
SMRT’s focus will always be on its train and bus services and in making continuous improvements in safety, reliability and customer-centric efforts.