Saturday, 6 June 2015

[Today] Conduct audit of wildlife in Boon Lay Way

A patch of mature woodland next to International Business Park along Boon Lay Way will be cleared soon (“New depot for 500 buses to be built in Ulu Pandan”; April 3).
As a nature lover and a citizen concerned about the loss of wild areas in Singapore, I wish to ask the agencies involved to do an audit of the wildlife there. From my office, I can see the nest of a pair of Changeable Hawk Eagles. Last year, they fledged a chick and have been using this nest for some years now. This Hawk Eagle is nationally threatened.
I have also come across Grey-headed Fish Eagles foraging in the canal at the southern boundary of this forest. It would be a pity and a loss if the trees were cleared without finding ways to accommodate the fauna there.
The agencies should work with nature groups to conduct a flora and fauna survey, and come up with some recommendations to keep as many of the important parts of the forest as possible when designing the depot.