Tuesday, 2 June 2015

[Today] Shooting near Shangri-La Hotel: Police did the right thing

The case of police officers shooting at the car that rammed against road blocks at a secured venue showed the decisiveness of the men in charge (“Police shoot man dead near Shangri-La Hotel”; June 1).
The Singapore Police Force should not make any apologies. This is not a case of a roadblock to sniff out drink-driving, where if a similar action were to occur, there would at best have been a car chase. This was a high-security meeting of top defence chiefs at the Shangri-La Dialogue. Instead of consenting to the security check, the driver breached the checkpoint, ignored repeated warnings and did not stop.
The only conclusion at the time and place must have been a probable terrorist attack; stopping the car and disabling the passengers would have been a must. And if it were such, aiming at the tyres would have been a mistake.
With hindsight, the police officers have done the right thing, and Singaporeans should be proud of them.