Thursday, 4 June 2015

[Today] Showcase our roots during SEA Games victory ceremonies

I watched the South-East Asian (SEA) Games’ table tennis victory ceremony and was puzzled that only English and Mandarin were used (“S’pore paddlers win Games’ first two golds”; June 3).
We are proud to be a multiracial society, with four official languages. The organisers should use this excellent occasion to demonstrate this to our neighbours and not let them think that we have forgotten our roots.
I also saw the flags of the winning teams being raised manually, which looked comical. If the organisers cannot afford to have motorised flag-raising, they should at least design the platform such that the flag raiser is out of view.
In addition, I have been trying to follow the television broadcast of the Games and to record the football matches. The recording on mio TV’s channel 134, however, consistently showed nothing but a fixed screen about impending matches.
In the end, I switched to MediaCorp’s okto channel, which has a more detailed programme, and I could choose what I wanted to record.