Wednesday, 3 June 2015

[Today] Don’t deprive neighbours of peaceful, smoke-free enjoyment

Ms Liu I-Chun’s letter “Classify second-hand smoke drifting into homes as a nuisance” (May 29) struck a chord with me — a neighbour of mine is fond of smoking by the window in his living room.
As he resides below my unit, his cigarette smoke wafts into my living room, and I have to close the windows. I have heeded my family members’ advice and refrained from confronting him.
Even if I were to bring this to the town council’s attention, I believe there is not much it could do except to issue an advisory letter, which is not as effective as a court injunction.
I am also reluctant to escalate the matter because I have no intention of jeopardising our relationship.
In the spirit of good neighbourliness, residents should be more considerate of one another. While one is entitled to one’s indulgence, it should be on the condition that others are not deprived of their right to peaceful enjoyment at home.