Friday, 22 May 2015

[Straits Times] Bouquets

Impressed by NEA's efficiency
A COUPLE of months ago, my family and I moved to the Farrer Road area. Just across the road, there was a new residential development being constructed.
Usually, the noise levels were tolerable. However, on April 22, the construction continued into the night.
This was very disruptive, especially since I was to sit my exams within days.
At 11.30pm, I checked the National Environment Agency (NEA) website and determined that the contractors were indeed violating noise regulations.
I then called the agency.
Customer service officer Calvin attended to me. He assured me that the NEA would send officers to do a ground check.
He was also thoughtful enough to encourage me to drink more water during my exam period.
Within three hours, I received an SMS from the NEA, notifying me that an officer had attended to my feedback and would be recommending enforcement action against the contractor.
Less than 24 hours after I gave my feedback, the construction site was silent.
I was impressed at how efficient the NEA was.
Clearly, its staff are concerned for citizens and take pride in their excellent work and service.
Ong Li Min (Ms)

Excellent service at food outlet
I AM a frequent patron of sandwich chain Subway.
Of all the outlets I visit, none has service levels comparable to that of the West Mall outlet.
Time and again, I have been impressed by the staff's efficient service. When you enter, you are not met with a monotonous greeting, but with joy and enthusiasm.
On my latest visit to the store, I made a mess after my drink slipped from my hand. It was during the outlet's peak period, when there were many customers around and the staff were clearly busy.
I was embarrassed by my clumsiness. One of the staff immediately offered me a new cup of drink, and did not ask me to pick up the cup on the floor.
He could have done nothing, as it was the rule that customers had to pay for a refill. Another staff member quickly came over to clean up the mess.
I sincerely thank the staff at the outlet, and hope they keep up the good job.
Jong Ching Yee (Ms)