Thursday, 28 May 2015

[Straits Times] Youth Forum

Let the elderly grow old among us
I ABSOLUTELY agree with building more eldercare facilities like nursing homes, activity corners and healthcare centres within HDB estates ("Share info on eldercare facilities in housing estates" by Ms Yang Mingyi; April 30, and "Test plan to link HDB blocks to nursing homes" by Mr Christopher Tang Wei Ling; April 25).
First, the elderly would want to have a place to meet friends and have fun when they grow old.
Second, building eldercare facilities in HDB estates would definitely be very convenient for both the elderly and their families.
HDB estates are places where most elderly folk live and are familiar with.
For those in nursing homes near HDB blocks, family members can visit them whenever they like, and it is also easier for caregivers to help them out whenever they need it.
There is an exercise corner near my HDB block. Whenever I walk past it, I see elderly people happily talking and exercising there. 
So, by incorporating these facilities in HDB estates, not only will this discourage Singaporeans from placing their elderly parents in nursing homes overseas, it will also encourage family bonding. 
Estee Ng Mun Ting, 18, second-year polytechnic student
Service staff deserve respect
I AM disappointed at the attitude of Singaporeans as customers ("PM Lee on service standards: Be a good customer as well"; May 19).
I am aghast at the rudeness of some Singaporeans. The younger generation, especially, treats service staff as their slaves who do not deserve respect.
I hope we can be more grateful towards retail staff and be more appreciative of their efforts.
Together, we can make Singapore a better country with a good service culture, involving those who provide service, as well as those who receive it.
Kek Siew Qi, 14, Secondary 2 student
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