Thursday, 28 May 2015

[Straits Times] My Point

Now, let's aim to be regional champs
AS A Singaporean football fan, I am proud of the brave victory of the LionsXII in very difficult circumstances ("LionsXII beat Kelantan to win Malaysian FA Cup"; Sunday). It is, indeed, a boost for SG50.
But I hope winning the Malaysian FA Cup does not blind the Singapore football fraternity from realising that it is only a Malaysian tournament.
Winning it is an achievement in its own right, and we have many good memories of our participation in the Malaysia Cup. But it was also during those days that we didn't win any regional trophies.
Instead, it was during the fledgling S-League's time that our national football team was Asean champion three times.
Let us celebrate a football achievement without forgetting that it is also a football underachievement, if we are still aiming for success at the Asian level.
Liew Eng Leng
GST computation not consistent
I DISAGREE with Mr Christopher Leong Chi How ("GST levied on services supplied"; yesterday).
I have a tax invoice from Singapore General Hospital for $90.70, before subsidy.
After a government subsidy of $63.49, the amount payable was $27.21. The goods and services tax (GST) was then computed on the amount payable, working out to be $1.99, and not on the total amount or the value of goods and services supplied.
This GST was then waived, as is the case at government hospitals and polyclinics.
Could the authorities clarify whether GST is to be computed on the payable amount or on the total bill?
Pang Kim Phong
High entry costs put bonds beyond reach
WHILE I applaud the latest initiative by Fundsupermart to offer an avenue for retail investors to invest in the bond markets ("Bond buying made easy for retail investors"; last Friday), it still does not overcome the main obstacle to bond investing, which is the high minimum investment amount for each bond.
Bond investments have typically been associated with high net worth individuals, given the high minimum investment amounts, typically $250,000.
This quantum is still considered prohibitively high for many investors.
Hence, while Fundsupermart's new bond portal would go a long way in educating investors and cultivating public interest in bond investing, it is not clear how it would actually translate into retail investors being able to feasibly obtain exposure to bonds in their investment portfolios.
Edwin Chan