Saturday, 23 May 2015

[Straits Times] Kids can benefit from technology - in moderation

CHILDREN these days spend very little time playing outside the house as compared with 10 years ago.
Today, as tech gadgets become increasingly common and accessible, children are always using them. Smartphones, tablets and computers are given to them, be it for education or entertainment purposes.
Technology is able to educate these youngsters through more interesting and interactive learning as compared with normal and mundane educational routines in school. They enjoy learning through fun applications on mobile devices more than in classrooms.
It is beneficial for children to have knowledge of technology as it prepares them for upcoming devices that they will eventually have to use, thus making them world-ready.
However, children are also at risk of becoming addicted to their gadgets. This is especially so if the time they spend on their gadgets is not monitored and limited. This may cause them to neglect their education, friends and even family. Their health may also be affected - for instance, putting them at risk of developing myopia.
Technology is useful for young children, but only when used in moderation. Therefore, it would be effective to use technology to complement, not replace, classroom lessons.
This would make learning fun and educational at the same time, while minimising the risk of addiction.
Noor Shahirah Shahifuddin (Ms)