Monday, 25 May 2015

[Straits Times] Much for kids to learn at S'pore Zoo

THE Singapore Zoo deserves recognition for creating a pleasant environment for animals in captivity and for visitors, as well as for its efforts to bring in animals from different parts of the world, so that visitors can view them at close range, in habitats made to appear as natural as possible.
I visited the zoo with my parents, teachers and friends during my school days. These regular visits stopped when I was in university and started again when my daughter could walk.
Now, I take my overseas guests to the zoo whenever they visit me.
The Singapore Zoo is one of the best places of interest for youngsters and adults. For families with children, the zoo can play a significant role during their young ones' early learning days.
Children first get to know about animals from reading books or watching television, but nothing beats seeing them in real life. This is especially so with our younger generation growing up in our concrete jungle.
The section in the Singapore Zoo that houses some common domesticated animals is always the biggest draw for families with children.
Being able to see, touch or even hold these tame animals allows children to observe and know them better. Parents can take the opportunity to educate their children about caring for pets and other animals.
With the approaching June school holidays, parents should consider spending a day at the Singapore Zoo, especially with the opening of the koala enclosure ("Singapore Zoo opens doors to Koalamania"; Thursday).
Lim Lih Mei (Ms)