Friday, 29 May 2015

[Today] Coming GE a test for all parties, not just WP

With reference to the letter “Coming GE a test of Workers’ Party’s performance” (May 27), I feel that it is prudent not to single out any one party for this coming General Election (GE), as it is a test for all parties — both incumbents and the newer, smaller fringe parties.
Also, sometimes voter behaviour is irrational. Some voters often vote on limited or inaccurate information, or even based on emotions. Logic may sometimes be unsuited to explaining voter patterns. People are more likely to vote based on personality, events and issues, and less on ideology and principles.
This leads to another point: the rise of smaller fringe parties such as the Singaporeans First Party and the pending People’s Power Party. The coming GE is a test for them too, as to whether their fringe ideology would appeal to the majority.
Lastly, the coming GE is also a test for the incumbents to assess whether their policy countermeasures have sufficiently appeased an electorate that gave them a rather poor showing in 2011.