Wednesday, 27 May 2015

[Today] Attitude, character outweigh any degree

I cannot disagree with the content of the letter, “Degree inequality should motivate, not deter, us” (May 26). Those who fail once should not give up but keep trying.
Singapore is, however, an unforgiving society where parents are spending thousands of dollars on tuition and enrichment classes due to the pressure to succeed; hence, the chase for degrees. Children hardly enjoy the process of learning today.
Let us not forget that the degree is merely a stepping stone to fulfilling one’s dreams. Those who succeed in life are those who apply what they have learnt, be it through formal education or the school of hard knocks.
The ability to apply knowledge that has been imparted and the ability to adjust are more important than the paper stating that one has a degree.
Society must change the way it looks at non-graduates. The right attitude is more important than aptitude, and one’s character outweighs any degree one may have.