Monday, 25 May 2015

[Straits Times] Building managers should step up to provide recycling bins at workplaces

AS MS Melissa Tan has pointed out, offices and businesses need to step up recycling efforts ("Make recycling a way of life"; Thursday).
I work at Singapore Science Park I, and I have been unable to find a single recycling bin there.
The property's developer, Ascendas, when contacted, confirmed that it had no recycling facilities on the property, but offered no explanation for it.
One can only imagine the potential for recycling in a place of business like the Singapore Science Park that is being missed out on.
Every drink can, every piece of paper is now thrown away as garbage, unless a company based out of Science Park independently invests in a recycling vendor.
Such an investment is unlikely to happen, since businesses would prefer to work on their core business, rather than manage another vendor relationship.
Just as building managers take responsibility for services like electricity, water and sanitation facilities, I call upon them to step up voluntarily when it comes to recycling.
Or, the Government could mandate that convenient recycling facilities should be provided in workplaces.
Narayanan Anand Chandrasekar