Tuesday, 26 May 2015

[Today] Gym chain Fitness First should respect the dignity of labour

In reference to the report “Fitness First to launch one-of-a-kind gym for captains of industry” (May 21), I take objection to Fitness First saying that chief executives “do not want to be down there ... with a lowly clerk”.
There are many facilities such as business-class seats in airlines and five-star hotels that ordinary people cannot afford. And it is fine for businesses to argue that the higher prices are due to the higher costs of providing premium services.
But to use the adjective “lowly” for a clerk is unacceptable. While many senior executives may have overcome great difficulties to attain their current position, it is equally true that not everyone starts at the same point in life’s race.
There are people in a privileged position solely because of the lottery of the womb, while others may have to quit studies early to support their family and do not get the same opportunities.
There may also be many who simply do not have the mental acumen to reach lofty heights, maybe because of malnourishment during childhood and their mother’s pregnancy.
However, if they are performing their current job well despite the odds, be it as a cleaner, bus driver, security guard or clerk, then they deserve our respect. We must teach our young about the dignity of labour, and advertisements such as Fitness First’s do not help.