Friday, 22 May 2015

[Today] NS crucial for strong cohesion among citizens

I refer to the report “Prince Harry urges Britain to bring back National Service” (May 18). I agree with Prince Harry, who also thanked the army and praised what it has done for him.
In Singapore, National Service is important in ensuring that citizens, regardless of race, religion or culture, have strong cohesion.
It shapes character and attitude, builds discipline as well as encourages physical fitness and wellness — through the Individual Physical Proficiency Test, for instance.
Servicemen are, therefore, urged to work out more in order to pass the IPPT. If they do better, they receive incentives, so their effort is recognised.
Many professional services are also provided, such as by the Singapore Armed Forces Counselling Centre, for the benefit of servicemen.
As we celebrate SG50, we cannot predict what will happen in the next 50 years. However, synergy is the sine qua non, or essential ingredient, for all of us to foster a stronger Singapore.
If NS, together with close bonds among religious groups, continue to be crucial, I believe that Singapore will remain a harmonious, peaceful country.